Day 115

UN Human Rights condemns the disproportionate use of force in the arbitrary detention of citizen Osvaldo Canizales in Jinotepe, Carazo.

Day 114

UN experts say they are dismayed as human rights defenders, journalists and other dissenting voices are being criminalized and accused of unfounded charges in the country.

Day 113

Human Rights Watch denounces arbitrary dismissals of health workers for participating in marches against the Government of Nicaragua.

Day 112

Pope Francis did not receive the chancellor Denis Moncada in The Vatican as requested by the Daniel Ortega government. Diplomatic sources confirm that he was received by an intermediate official.

Day 111

Arturo Cruz, former Nicaraguan ambassador in Washington, assures that the government of President Daniel Ortega is worn out and that since June 2016 relations between Nicaragua and the United States have been deteriorated.

Day 110

Groups of paramilitaries besiege and persecute ex-military and ex-policemen who have refused to be part of the government’s shock forces.

Day 109

Self-convocated citizens march in Managua on support the dismissed doctors because of treating the wounded in paramilitary and police attacks.

Day 108

Catholic Church of Costa Rica asks their country government to implement a special migratory strategy that responds to the consequences of the sociopolitical crisis in Nicaragua.