Day 131

Villagers and self-convoked doctors hold a demonstration in Managua to demand the release of political prisoners and call for the halt to illegal detentions made by the National Police together with paramilitary groups.

Day 130

Thousands of citizens in Costa Rica participate in the march «for solidarity and against xenophobia» in support of Nicaraguan migrants.

Day 129

Anti-immigrant organizations in Costa Rica call for a march to demand from the government to take measures to stop the increase in Nicaraguan migrants.

Day 128

Municipalities related to the government party force their workers and the general public to sign a letter in which the Orteguismo demands punishment for «coup terrorists».

Day 127

Kevin K. Sullivan, nominated as the United States ambassador to Nicaragua, assures that, if confirmed, he will support early, fair elections, with international observation as well as an investigation into the acts of violence that have occurred in the country.

Day 126

Human rights organizations denounce the illegal detention of ten demonstrators in Masaya, Chontales and Matagalpa and accuse them of terrorism and illegal possession of weapons.

Day 125

Carlos Ponce, director of Freedom House in Latin America, indicates that the Government of Nicaragua has a lot to hide and that is why it hinders the work of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI).

Day 124

Paramilitary groups led by General Commissioner Ramón Avellán, deputy director of the National Police, attacked by shooting the blue and white caravan that was heading to the city of Masaya.