Day 107

The Guatemalan Congress approved a resolution point in which it rejects violence and repression in Nicaragua and urges all parties to resume the National Dialogue.

Day 106

The Chamber of Commerce and Services of Nicaragua (CCSN) reports more than US $ 1 billion in losses, mainly in the area of services.

Day 105

President Daniel Ortega in an interview with journalist Andrés Oppenheimer accuses international organizations of inventing dead people and affirms that the paramilitaries are volunteer policemen.

Day 104

CPDH denounces the torture of five protesters illegally detained for participating in marches against the Government of Nicaragua.

Day 103

Carlos Tünnermann Bernheim, member of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy believes that «Ortega is not reading reality as it is. He is reading it backwards.»

Day 102

Thousands of citizens participate in Managua in the «Pilgrimage for our Bishops, defenders of truth and justice», in support of representatives of the Catholic Church.

Day 101

Otto Reich, former assistant secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Department of the United States, assures that Ortega does not intend to leave power even after 2021.

Day 100

100 days have passed since the beginning of government repression against the people of Nicaragua.