Day 123

Thousands of people participate in the march «Here nothing is normal» in Managua to commemorate four months of civic fight in Nicaragua.

Day 122

Government denies information to international experts. The Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) requests the Government to provide, as soon as possible, unconditional access to the documentation on the acts of violence that have occurred in Nicaragua since April.

Day 121

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy in an open letter to President Daniel Ortega requests the reinstatement of the National Dialogue, immediately stop the climate of confrontation and free political prisoners.

Day 120

Thousands of Nicaraguans participate in the march organized by the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, the Countrymen Movement and other organizations, to demand that they release some 200 people who are arbitrarily detained.

Day 119

Rosario Murillo, vice-president of Nicaragua, assures that the «coup-makers» have enraged against the official institutions and criticizes the business leaders whom she labels as «homeland sellers» and traitors.

Day 118

One month after the attack of paramilitary groups on students entrenched in the UNAN Managua, which left two people killed and several injured.

Day 117

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) will present a report to PAHO on the arbitrary dismissal of 22 doctors in Nicaragua.

Day 116

Statistics from the Central Bank of Nicaragua indicate that international reserves have dropped 450 million dollars in three months.