Press releases

United building consensus on electoral reforms

This joint presentation of proposed Constitutional and Electoral Reforms was motivated, among other things, by a desire to: re-establish the independence, transparency and trust in the electoral system in order to hold timely free, fair, transparent and observed elections; facilitate a democratic, constitutional and peaceful negotiated solution to the socio-political crisis through broad and inclusive […]

Nicaragua: Now is the time for unity

Unity among those of us Nicaraguans who desire liberty, justice, peace and democracy is an essential condition for democratic change in Nicaragua. This Unity must forever eradicate the problems that have brought Nicaragua to its current situation of dictatorship, human rights violations, institutional weakness and poverty nearly 200 years after the country gained its independence. […]


The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (ACJD) met with the leaders of the Indigenous and Afro-descendant organization YATAMA, autochthonous expression of the political organization of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, to address and analyze the call for regional elections that the regime Ortega-Murillo has announced for March 2019. The YATAMA representatives identified the four main points for […]


The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy rejects the unfounded accusations of which they are victims: Byron José Corea Estrada, Christopher Nairobi Olivas Valdivia, Luis Arnulfo Hernández Quiroz, and Juan Pablo Alvarado Martínez, students of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN -León); as well as Yaritza Yudith Rostrán Mairena, Víctor Manuel Obando Valverde and Levis Josué Artola Rugama, […]

From the streets we accuse the regime Ortega-Murillo

In April, hundreds of Nicaraguans mobilized in the streets to protest the government’s apathy in the face of the fire of the Indio Maíz Reserve and later for the social security reforms that hit insured and retired people. The State responded with the repression executed by the National Police. The youth rose indignantly from the […]

They were taken alive, we want them back alive

1. We repudiate the siege and intimidation by the National Police of Nicaragua as a strategy to demobilize the caravan that was headed towards Granada in support of the march «Here is Granada», organized by the April 19th Movement of Granada. 2. Committed to the struggle for the freedom of all political prisoners, we demand […]

Our total support to the IACHR

Since their first visit to our country in June of this year, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has demonstrated its commitment to defending the life and rights of Nicaraguans who have suffered violations of their most basic human rights. From the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (ACJD), we support, back up and reiterate the need […]

A call to resume the peaceful way out

Through a written communication to Mr. Daniel Ortega, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (ACJD) makes an urgent call to resume the path for a peaceful and democratic way out, to cease all forms of violence and to reinstate the National Dialogue, with the Episcopal Conference as mediator and witness, with the appropriate international […]