Day 91

Paramilitary groups brutally attack Masaya in the so-called «cleaning operation».

Day 90

The priest Raúl Zamora, parish priest of the Divina Misericordia church confirms that there was already an agreement with the students of the UNAN, «they were going to leave peacefully, that agreement was already there, and yet they attacked.»

Day 89

Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH) reports at least ten people murdered by paramilitary groups in attacks on Diriá and Diriomo, Granada and Niquinohomo and Catarina, Masaya.

Day 88

Transferred to the Cathedral of Managua Students who took refuge in the Divina Misericordia parish. Paramilitary groups shot them for almost 20 hours.

Day 87

Start a second National Strike in Nicaragua. At 00 hours today, residents in different neighborhoods of Managua sounded their pots and vuvuzelas in support of the Strike.

Day 86

Thousands of Nicaraguans participate in the march «Together we are a volcano», the first of three activities this week, convened by the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy.

Day 85

The Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua announces that it will continue in the National Dialogue, confident that they will find a peaceful way out of the country’s crisis.

Day 84

The IACHR and the UN condemn new acts of violence in the country and aggressions against members of the Catholic Church.