Day 75

Pope Francisco renews prayer for Nicaragua. «I would like to join the efforts being made by the country’s bishops and many people of goodwill in their role as mediators and witnesses in the process of ongoing National Dialogue, for the path of democracy.»

Day 74

Begins the Flower March. One month after the massacre of Mothers’ Day, Managua returns to the streets to honor the memory of the children and young people murdered by the Ortega and Murillo regime repression. The march ends with a shooting; they report one dead person and ten are injured.

Day 73

Paramilitaries assassinate youngster shooting him eight times in Sutiaba, León, while guarding one of the barricades.

Day 72

Youngsters, activists and members of sexual diversity march to demand justice for the victims of repression in Nicaragua.

Day 71

Today marks the 39th anniversary of the Tactical Retreat to Masaya.

Day 70

The Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH) records 285 assassinations; 1,500 injured; 46 injured with permanent damage and 156 missing between April 19th and June 25th due to repression.

Day 69

Movement for Nicaragua (MpN) and Lets Do Democracy will present a legal way to advance elections in Nicaragua and will hand over these proposals to the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy.

Day 68

Repression Recrudesce in the country on the eve of the resumption of the National Dialogue scheduled for this Monday, June 25th.