Day 83

At least 14 dead and dozens injured and detained in National Police attack and paramilitary groups in the municipalities of Diriamba, Jinotepe and Dolores.

Day 82

President Daniel Ortega: «here the rules are set by the Constitution of the Republic, through the people. The rules can not be to change overnight because it occurred to a coup group «.

Day 81

They assassinated a young man in León and the National Police, together with paramilitary groups, besiege the Sutiaba neighborhood by the march of government sympathizers.

Day 80

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy highlights that the sanctions announced by the Government of the United States are an unprecedented act since the creation of the Magnitsky Law.

Day 79

The Center of Documentation and Solidarity with Latin America and Africa (Cedsala) regrets the situation in Nicaragua and assures that the organization was born with the Sandinista Revolution at the end of the 70s.

Day 78

Paramilitary groups set on fire house of representative of the Movement on April 19 in Masaya.

Day 77

Representatives of the different productive sectors of the country indicate that the massive invasion of more than 4,000 squares of land puts agricultural production at risk.

Day 76

IACHR installs the International Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) to investigate crimes caused by government repression.