Day 128

La Gaceta, Official Gazette, publishes the appointment of Francisco Díaz and Ramón Avellán as Director and Deputy Director of the National Police and retires the Chief Commissioner, Aminta Granera.

Municipalities related to the government party force their workers and the general public to sign a letter in which the Orteguismo demands punishment for «coup terrorists».

Epsy Campbell, First Vice President and Chancellor of the Republic of Costa Rica, informs that they are working to «repatriate» Costa Rican investments in Nicaragua due to the insecurity and economic impact in the country.

The journalist, Neyda Dixon, witness of the death of the journalist Ángel Gahona, assures that those who fired at the time of the crime were riot police.

Carlos Pastora, general manager in a letter to Roberto Herrera, commissioner of Human Rights in Nicaragua denounces the harassment of the Government of Nicaragua towards its personnel and Channel 10, company that leads.

Government of Nicaragua faces difficulties to obtain disbursements of donations due to sociopolitical crisis that the country lives in.

At least 40 teachers dismissed arbitrarily at the regional headquarters of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) in the departments of Chontales and Carazo.

President Daniel Ortega during his speech to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the assault on the National Palace affirms that reform of the social security system still pending.

Father César Augusto Gutiérrez, head of the San Sebastián Church in Monimbó, leaves for exile due to death threats and prison.

Eden Pastora, a former Nicaraguan guerrilla in an interview with CNN, says that the Bishops should be mediators and not get involved in the crisis that Nicaragua is going through.

The economist José Luis Medal warns of the high risks of the Financial Stability Bonds that the Government will offer and with which it intends to compete with commercial banks.

According to figures from the Central Bank of Nicaragua have lost 800 million dollars in deposits representing 73% of total deposits in the national financial system.

Rosario de Tefel, president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (Canibir), assures that land invasions, lack of financing and legal insecurity hampered the growth of the sector.

Ministry of Health dismisses Gustavo Morales Avendaño, the only specialist in Gastroenterology who worked at the Antonio Lenín Fonseca School Hospital in Managua.

National Police releases four young people from the 19 of April Movement in Granada who had been arrested this morning while they were in a security house in that city.

National Police prevents CPDH from going to put a criminal complaint with a mother of minor whom was tortured by agents of the Special Operations Directorate of the National Police (DOEP).

Human Rights Watch asks the UN Human Rights Council to urgently convene a special session to address the human rights situation in Nicaragua.

Roberto Herrera, Human Rights Commissioner in Nicaragua, says that he initiated an official investigation into the situation that Carlos Pastora is in, Canal 10 General Manager.

National Police accuses of terrorism, financing of terrorism, organized crime, obstruction of public services and kidnapping to Santiago Fajardo, brother of the political prisoner and student leader of the Movement April 19 Masaya, Christian Fajardo.

National Police reports two deaths and four wounded after gunshot attacks on property invaders in the Nejapa district of Managua.

Supporter of the government party assaults journalists of Channel 10 and 100% news.

Professor of the Regional Multidisciplinary School (FAREM), in Carazo, denounces that he was dismissed for being an active militant of the opposition Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS).

The Truth, Justice and Peace Commission assure that of 282 victims that they count, they were able to determine that 13 died for causes not related to the protests.

The NGO Coordinator Federation of Nicaragua that Works with Children and Adolescents demands that the National Police investigate cases of violations of rights of children and adolescents.

José Miguel Vivanco, director for the Americas of Human Rights Watch, assures that the promotions of police officers involved in serious abuses in Nicaragua is evidence of the Government’s brutality.

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