Press releases

Pronouncement on the National Dialogue

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy reaffirms that the National Dialogue is part of the integral fight of the Nicaraguan people and we will continue to peacefully self- convocate in defense of our rights. It reiterates its full confidence in the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua as mediator and witness of the National Dialogue. We […]

No to the criminalization of civic protest

Tie together a civic protest with criminal and terrorist networks is condemnable and regrettable. This criminalization comes from the State of Nicaragua, which, according to the preliminary observations of the work visit of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) «According with hundreds of testimonies, the repression was carried out by the National Police, its […]

They will not move us

Throughout the last few days we have shown our determination to seek a peaceful solution to the serious crisis in which the intransigence of the Ortega Murillo regime has plunged the country in. At the time, we agreed to go to a National Dialogue despite the fact that there were no conditions or political will […]

Committed to the dialogue for the Democratization of Nicaragua

The members of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy we reiterate that dialogue is the path towards democratization and justice in Nicaragua and that it is important to contribute to a propitious climate to return to the dialogue. Until now, the government has not complied with two basic conditions for dialogue, such as the […]

The National Dialogue is the way for a just and democratic Nicaragua

We, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, reiterate our trustfulness in the National Dialogue and in the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua as mediators and witnesses. The National Dialogue is the path towards democratization and justice, with economic dignity, but with rights. It is also the way to achieve justice for the victims of repression. With that […]

United to Dialogue

Together, representatives of students, the countrymen movement, the civil society and the Nicaraguan private sector, we reiterate our willingness to attend to the National Dialogue, although we agree with the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua that the circumstances for such dialogue are not ideal. We demand the immediate cessation of repression, attack and siege by the government through […]