Day 67

Two dead, 15 wounded and several students kidnapped in attack by parapolice groups to the UNAN-Managua. Priests arrive at the university to know the situation and mediate in the release of detainees.

Day 66

IACHR presents before the Permanent Council of the OAS a final report on Nicaragua and concludes that the State violated the rights to life, personal integrity, health, personal freedom, assembly, freedom of expression and access to justice.

Day 65

New attack on Masaya, National Police and parapolice groups try to take control of Monimbó.

Day 64

Two months have been since the murder of Álvaro Conrado, 15 years old, until then, the youngest victim. Álvaro was killed by policemen in the vicinity of the UNI.

Day 63

Today is two months since the beginning of the repression of the Ortega regime and the murder of the first victims: Darwin Urbina, 29 years old and Richard Pavón, 17 years old! PRESENT, PRESENT!

Day 62

Two months of protests in Nicaragua have been completed and the violence has intensified.

Day 61

The writer Gioconda Belli, in an open letter to Vice President Rosario Murillo, affirms: «neither you nor Daniel will go down in history in the colorful and magnificent page that you have imagined. To you both, neither history nor the people will ever absolve you. «

Day 60

Daniel Ortega does not accept to start with, the proposal of route to democratization presented by the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua (CEN) on June 7th.