Day 27

The Government announces that it has sent out invitation to IACHR to visit country and investigate the acts of violence and the violation of human rights during the protests.

Day 26

Thousands of Nicaraguans in car caravan move to the city of Masaya in solidarity for the attacks suffered during the weekend. The Nicaraguan Army calls for the stopping of violence and solidarity with the families of the “deceased” in recent protests. 

Day 25

Attacks and clashes throughout the day between inhabitants, national police and mobs leave dead, dozens injured, fires and looting in the city. Between May 10th and May 12th, 4 killed are reported.

Day 24

Catholic Church demands the presence of the IACHR in Nicaragua. In a joint statement, students, private companies and civil society indicate that they are ready to start the dialogue.

Day 23

Taxi drivers and moto-taxi drivers protest against the rise of fuel and carry out roadblocks in different parts of Managua.

Day 22

Third Mass march for democracy. Thousands of Peasants, students and civil society move the Cathedral to the Cristo Rey Roundabout in Managua, to demand justice and democracy.

Day 21

Cosep demands the government to ensure the free demonstration and security in civic marches.  

Day 20

Students from UNAN, Managua, take the campus to request the exit of UNEN.