Day 19

Protests in different places, Masaya, Masatepe, Chinandega, Ticuantepe and Niquinohomo. Riot police repress protesters that tried to get to Niquinohomo.

Day 18

Members of Movimiento Universitario 19 de abril, Movimiento Estudiantil 19 de abril and Alianza Universitaria Nacional make up the Student Coalition for the National Dialogue.

Day 17

For the first time, in a joint statement, Cosep, Funides y AmCham issue statements in which they express their indignation for the dead and injured in the protests and demand that an immediate investigation be carried out to clarify these facts.

Day 16

Episcopal Conference issues a statement with four key points for the National Dialogue: release of detainees, withdrawal of paramilitary forces, clarification of deaths and early organization of students.

Day 15

Riot police prevent the passage to the peaceful march of self-convened people who were going to the National Assembly.

Day 13

Government performs an act for supporters in commemoration of the International Worker’s Day, with a small participation of attendees unlike previous concentrations.

Day 12

National Assembly approves the formation of the Truth, Justice and Peace Commission, which has been criticized due to all its members having links with the ruling party.

Day 11

Mass march organized by Catholic Church. Parishioners from all over the country and members of the Peasant Movement are mobilized to participate in the march that culminated in the Metropolitan Cathedral.