Day 9

Student grouped in Movimiento universitario 19 de Abril, agree to participate in the dialogue. One murder.

Day 8

The Committee to Protect Journalists says that the Nicaraguan government should «immediately» investigate the journalist’s murder while covering the protests for Social Security reforms.

Day 7

First students arrested last week are released. Government invites the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua to mediate and participate in the dialogue.

Day 6

Mass march from Metrocentro a UPOLI, convened by COSEP in support of the students.

Day 5

Daniel Ortega on televised appearance revokes reforms to INSS and affirms that he does not accept conditions for dialogue.

Day 4

The journalist Ángel Gahona was murdered in Bluefields while covering a protest live in Bluefields. In total 11 murdered this day.

Day 3

The Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua supports dialogue as a solution to the conflict. Government accepts dialogue with the private sector and asks that the bishops be the mediators.

Day 2

Cosep and AmCham issue a statement lamenting the acts of violence and endorse the Episcopal Conference’s call for dialogue.