Day 43

Cid-Gallup publishes results of its recent survey: almost 70% of respondents agree with the actions of students and other protesters demanding justice and democratization in Nicaragua; 78% reproach police actions.

Day 42

Peasant Movement reactivates roadblocks on the main roads of Nicaragua after the police repression against UNI. Brazil regrets the loss of life in clashes between demonstrators and police forces.

Day 41

Masaya reports attacks by unidentified groups that move hooded and armed in motorcycles and trucks. During the morning they attacked the building of the National Police and burned the offices of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Day 40

Car caravan from Managua-to Modelo jail in Tipitapa “No to disguised justice” to demand justice for the arrest of Brandon Lovo and Glen Slate unjustly accused for the murder of the Bluefield journalist Angel Gahona.

Day 39

Mass marches and demonstrations of self-convened groups continue in different departments of the country. Field Workers Association (ATC), a trade union organization that brings together 50 thousand affiliates related to the government.

Day 38

President of COSEP resigns from Central Bank of Nicaragua board (BCN) and of the Administrator Company of International Airports (EAII). President of Conimipyme, Leonardo Torres, calls to «have compassion for the nation.

Day 37

March “Nicaragua wake up” (Despierta Nicaragua) from the Jean Paul Genie roundabout to Metrocentro to demand justice and democratization. Roadblocks continue in 11 departments of the country.

Day 36

Roadblocks continue on the main departments of the country: Managua, León, Boaco, Masaya, Chontales, Estelí, North Pan-American road, Matagalpa, Chontales and Rivas, with passage for ambulances and people who need medical attention.