No to the criminalization of civic protest

Tie together a civic protest with criminal and terrorist networks is condemnable and regrettable. This criminalization comes from the State of Nicaragua, which, according to the preliminary observations of the work visit of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) «According with hundreds of testimonies, the repression was carried out by the National Police, its anti-riot forces and para-police groups, which would have acted with the support of state agents» The same report has repeatedly urged to the cease of the repression against the civic protest that began in Nicaragua last April.

These serious violations of Human Rights, reflected in the preliminary observations of the work visit of the IACHR, have been «characterized by the excessive use of force by state security forces and armed third parties.»

This fight, led by the students, to which the people of Nicaragua have joined and has left a balance – to date – of more than 127 dead, 1000 wounded and an undetermined number of disappeared and tortured.

Given this, we condemn the criminalization of civic protest among them the cases of Felix Maradiaga, Aníbal Toruño of Radio Darío, Brandon Cristhofer Lovo Taylor and Glen Slate, unjustly prosecuted for the murder of the journalist Ángel Gahona.

We urge the State of Nicaragua not to make the criminalization of protest a state policy that threatens hundreds of young Nicaraguan citizens, students and countrymen, among others.

Today more than ever it is important that the State of Nicaragua full fills the recommendations of the IACHR, and in this specific case with recommendation number four: «Guarantee the life, integrity and security of all the people who are demonstrating and exercising their rights and public freedoms and suffering the consequences of the atmosphere of repression, especially the students, girls, boys and adolescents «.

This Alliance will continue to give voice to the demands of Nicaraguans who demand justice and democracy for the nation.

The Democratization will happen by guaranteeing as quickly as possible the installation of a transparent, inclusive and independent electoral system, independence of the State Powers and recovery of the country’s institutions. Democratization is not only built through free elections.

University and Civil Society Coalition
Caribbean Coast
National Council in Defense of Our Land, Lake and Sovereignty – Countrymen
Civil society

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