The National Dialogue is the way for a just and democratic Nicaragua

We, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, reiterate our trustfulness in the National Dialogue and in the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua as mediators and witnesses. The National Dialogue is the path towards democratization and justice, with economic dignity, but with rights. It is also the way to achieve justice for the victims of repression.

With that said, we consider:

  1. The National Dialogue is the path; a sign of this is the agreement between the government and the civic alliance to make the recommendations of the preliminary report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) as their own. From this agreement on, the government committed to a follow-up mechanism with the IACHR to verify the implementation of the recommendations on a concrete calendar of new visits. We consider indispensable
    the formation of this follow-up commission.
  2. The IACHR adopted a precautionary measure to protect the rights of members of the student’s movement and their families in Nicaragua, so we demand that the State of Nicaragua adopts the necessary measures for its immediate implementation.
  3. We ask all the actors of the National Dialogue for their good faith so that in the mixed commission of six people, three for each party, it will be able to reach the agenda agreement to achieve the objective of a dialogue to review the political system of Nicaragua from its roots to achieve an authentic democracy.
  4. We support and will continue to participate in civic and peaceful protests, acknowledging them as a legitimate right of the Nicaraguan society. We reiterate in the importance of immediate cessation to repression of the protesters and the arbitrary detention of those who participate in the protests.

This dialogue, result of a fight led by the people of Nicaragua and that unfortunately left the loss of several dozen lives, is the path to be able to reach the Nicaragua that we want and in which we must all live.

University and Civil Society Coalition
Caribbean Coast
National Council in Defense of Our Land, Lake and Sovereignty – Country Movement
Civil society

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