We condemn attacks on the Catholic Church

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy condemns the cowardly attacks and aggressions in which today were victims the members of the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua (CEN), led by Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes and Auxiliary Bishop Silvio Baéz; the Apostolic Nuncio Monsignor Waldemar Stanilaw Sommertag, representative of the Vatican in Nicaragua and other priests, media and members of this alliance. In addition, The Basilica of San Sebastian was vandalized by the paramilitaries and mobs related to the Government, where these deplorable events took place.

Attacks like this, regrettable and offensive, are deplorable from any point of view. These attacks demonstrate the inability to listen to the popular outcry that calls for the advancement of elections for the Government of Nicaragua and reaffirm the urgent need for immediate disarmament of parapolice forces and the cessation of repression, as established in recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) approved by the Government of Nicaragua.

In these moments, crucial for the country, we must unite to continue in this civic fight that began 83 days ago. We are building a new country, a new Nicaragua that must be based on freedom, democracy and justice.

In this new stage of history, respect and peace must prevail, in order to reach a participatory democratic process in which we all win. With this process we will have that Nicaragua in which we all reach, regardless of our political ideology, religious creed, ethnicity, race or economic status. Wanting to have a different country is what has led us up to here and we will not give up on that goal.

We will prevail because reason, ethics and history are on our side. We will prevail because Nicaraguans, students, farmers, businessmen, artisans, workers, civil society, we have shown that we are brothers and we share the same values. Nicaragua has rejected violence and it will continue to fight civically until there is a change.

We call out on the people of the different cities to join the atriums of the churches to show support for our Bishops. Also, we call you to join the journey of activities in the civic fight that starts on Thursday the 12th with a march in Managua and several cities, and that continue with the National Strike, on Friday the 13th, and we close with a caravan on Saturday the 14th.

University and Civil Society Coalition
Caribbean Coast
National Council in Defense of Our Land, Lake and Sovereignty –
Countrymen Movement
Civil Society

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