To strike for our future

First of all, we want to offer our condolences to the Nicaraguan family. We embrace each and every citizen. We embrace each mother, every father. Every son, every daughter. Every sister and every brother. We embrace each member of the family of heroes of this national civic protest. We recognize the effort of each person in this civic fight. We embrace the women who have confronted the riot police with casseroles, flags and their courage.

It has been 56 days since this civic fight began and in which more than 147 lives have been lost, hundreds injured, detained and disappeared. We, as members of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, faced with the extreme conditions that Nicaragua is living, in solidarity with the victims and acknowledging the right to legitimate forms of defense, have decided:

  • Call out for a National Strike of 24 hours beginning at the zero hours of the day 14th of June of the present year and ending at 11:59 at night the same day. We urge all business owners, small and medium entrepreneurs, independent professionals and businesses of their own to close their establishments and cease activities.
    This is a civic, national and peaceful strike that covers the entire country and all economic activities, except those related to the preservation of life and the coverage of basic services for the population.
    We urge employers to respect the workers’ decision to join this national and peaceful civic strike.
    To public employees, whose dignity has been trampled by a repressive government, who massively do not show up for their jobs. If they do it all together, they will not be able to retaliate against you.
  • We demand from the President of the Republic an immediate response to the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua on the resumption of the National Dialogue. As we have said repeatedly in several occasions, dialogue is the way to review the political system of Nicaragua from its roots to achieve authentic democracy and justice.
    Dialogue within the framework of respect for life and the rights of Nicaraguans to express themselves civically. Once again, we reiterate our support to CEN in its role as mediator and witness.
  • In the same way, we reiterate the importance of remaining in the streets civically and peacefully.
  • We are against any type of repression and abuse of life. We reiterate the importance of life, the preservation of Human Rights, and respect for personal integrity and human dignity.
    Only the concerted civic action of all will ensure the success of this legitimate action aimed to point and stop the violence and repression. The objective of this national strike is to support the National Dialogue mediated by the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua and demand an immediate cease of violence and repression.

University and Civil Society Coalition
Caribbean Coast
National Council in Defense of Our Land, Lake and Sovereignty – Country Movement
Civil society

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