The sanctions announced by the Government of the United States are an unprecedented act since the creation of this Law: for the first time the highest authority in charge of the National Police of a country is sanctioned with the Magnitsky Law – which applies to persons for being involved in violations of human rights and by acts of corruption, and secondly, it was applied extraordinarily to three citizens of one nationality.

“Under the command of Francisco Javier Díaz Madriz, the National Police of Nicaragua has participated in grievous abuses of human rights against the people of Nicaragua. Fidel Antonio Moreno Briones has directed acts of violence committed by the Sandinista Youth and pro-government armed groups that have been implicated in numerous human rights abuses related to the ongoing protests against the Nicaraguan government. José Francisco López Centeno is the ALBANISA vice president, president of Petronic and treasurer of the ruling party FSLN, and has been accused of using his position for his own benefit
and that of his family, by using companies of his own to win contracts with the government”, says the US Statement Department. In total 16 citizens of the world, have received this sanction. To the three sanctioned people, ads up the one already executed against Roberto Rivas, former president of the Supreme Electoral Council, all officials of the Ortega – Murillo regime.

These sanctions are in line with the conviction from international organizations and the support of countries that reaffirm their commitment to freedom, justice and democracy.

University and Civil Society Coalition
Caribbean Coast
National Council in Defense of Our Land, Lake and Sovereignty – Countrymen Movement
Civil Society

You can also download the PDF document here

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