Masaya reports attacks by unidentified groups that move hooded and armed in motorcycles and trucks. During the morning they attacked the building of the National Police and burned the offices of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Work session of the Mixed Committee 3 + 3 begins at the Inter-Diocesan Seminary Our Lady of Fatima.

Students from the National University of Engineering (UNI) take the Simón Bolívar campus. The Movement for University Autonomy, demands to recover the autonomy of its university. Police and shock forces from Juventud Sandinista attack students with lead and rubber bullets indiscriminately.

Police repression in the vicinity of UNI-UCA and Metrocentro, dozens of wounded, two dead, people arrested and beaten, including journalists from La Prensa and EFE. Part of the Radio Ya installations were burned, supposedly by the students, and riot police return to the streets, firing against the students.

UNI rector, Engineer Néstor Gallo, condemns the acts of violence, demands the National Police and external groups to stop the actions against students who are in the premises.

High school students take the Manuel Hernández Institute in Jinotepe and are attacked by mobs. Two wounded by bullets are reported.

Spain will finance the International Federation of the Red Cross in response to the crisis in Nicaragua.

Rosario Murillo, in her noon appearance, said that the students continue committing “acts of hatred, foolish acts, acts that cannot or do not have anything to do with the Christian and solidary heart of Nicaragua.”

Bianca Jagger, president and executive director of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, documents the attack on UNI students.

UNI University Council calls for respect for human life, university autonomy and encourages groups not to violate or destroy the assets of the university.

Episcopal Conference at the end of today’s session, calls to cease all forms of violence, and to comply with IACHR recommendations 1, 2 and 3; stop aggressions against any communication media; stop spreading false news, condemning attacks against UNI and Radio Ya. 5.

The delegation of the Government and the Civic Alliance for Justice and democracy expressed their willingness to resume the National Dialogue in the plenary to take up the agenda on the issue of democratization.

The National Front of Workers, with affinity to the government summons to “take the streets in defense of our constitutional government, in defense of peace, in defense of the revolution, on Wednesday, May 30th”.