Car caravan from Managua-to Modelo jail in Tipitapa “No to disguised justice” to demand justice for the arrest of Brandon Lovo and Glen Slate unjustly accused for the murder of the Bluefield journalist Angel Gahona.

Mass marches, demonstrations and pilgrimages in more than ten departments of the country.

Armed and hooded groups are mobilized in trucks and motorcycles through neighborhoods in Managua. Attacks, assassinations, kidnappings and assaults are reported in different neighborhoods of the capital during this weekend.

Central American University (UCA) denounces “cowardly attack by para-police forces” at its facilities that occurred early this Sunday morning.

The National Police reports that “it has not had, does not have, nor will it have para-police forces and has not acted against these criminal groups because of the agreements of the National Dialogue to keep the police forces quartered.”

Mediation and Witness commission calls the Joint commission to work session on Monday 28th at 10:00 a.m. The Commission suggested by the bishops is integrated by: Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Carlos Tünnermann and Víctor Cuadras; by the government: Denis Moncada, Edwin Castro and Edward Centeno, both accompanied by three advisers.

Between May 25th and May 27th seven killed are reported.