Human rights organizations denounce the illegal detention of ten demonstrators in Masaya, Chontales and Matagalpa and accuse them of terrorism and illegal possession of weapons.

Monsignor Silvio Fonseca, Vicar of Family, Life and Childhood of the Archdiocese of Managua, affirms that “Nicaragua is living a repression never seen in its history.”

Paramilitary groups kidnap lawyer Carlos Cárdenas Zepeda, former advisor of the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua (CEN).

The Spanish Pediatric Association warns of the harmful impact that the dismissal of Nicaraguan pediatricians will have on the different public hospitals in the country.

The Truth, Justice and Peace Commission calls for the prosecution of the guilty ones of “assassination attempt” of the Political Secretary of the Government Party, in Mulukukú, Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast (RACCN).

Seven former presidents of Costa Rica show their position against xenophobia towards Nicaraguans and point out that “perverse interests may be inciting hatred”.

The Costa Rican Ombudsman’s Office urges the Legislative Branch to approve the law against discrimination and racism, following violent xenophobic demonstrations against Nicaraguan migrants.

Senator Marco Rubio, member of the Committee of Appropriations of the United States Senate, proposes amendments to the draft Budget for the area of Defense 2019, to address the political crisis in Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Epsy Campbell, First Vice President and Chancellor of the Republic of Costa Rica, reports that the Government created a protocol for the management of comprehensive attention to extraordinary migratory flows.

UNAN Managua authorities deny signature of agreement with the government to allow the attack of paramilitary groups against students entrenched in that campus.

The Truth, Justice and Peace Commission accuse the ANPDH of manipulating dead people’s numbers and spreading false information.

The April 19 Movement and citizens in exile thank the Government of Costa Rica for the support to the Nicaraguans and condemn all acts of terror and hatred of the Government of Nicaragua inside and outside the borders.

National Police and workers of the Mayor’s Office of Estelí evict land squatters who reassure that Francisco Valenzuela, mayor of that town had promised them the legalization of the land.

They kill a producer in El Cuá, Jinotega, members of the opposition party Citizens for Freedom denounce that he was murdered by hooded groups linked to the government party.

Hector Ferreira, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) of Honduras, assures that the crisis in Nicaragua has benefited the dairy sector in that country due to the suspension of dairy imports.

El diario francés Le Monde en su editorial describe el “El verdadero rostro de Daniel Ortega” quien se aferra al poder, ha causado la muerte de al menos 300 personas  y la desaparición de cientos de nicaragüenses.


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