Carlos Tünnermann Bernheim, member of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy believes that “Ortega is not reading reality as it is. He is reading it backwards. ”

The journalist Andrés Oppenheimer indicates that during interview with President Daniel Ortega, he said that he wants to strengthen the National Dialogue with the presence of international organizations.

The fortune that the Ortega-Murillo family has accumulated for 11 years is in danger due to the crisis in Nicaragua.

Daniel Ortega, the guerrilla turned tyrant. He fought for freedom; today, the people of Nicaragua claim for it.

Fetsalud leaders in Madriz threaten layoffs in Somoto hospital.

National Police releases more than 20 people illegally detained during the so-called “Operation clean-up” in Masaya.

Nine wounded by bullets, including a policeman, in confrontation in Juigalpa, Chontales.

Nicaraguans living in Spain march to demand freedom and justice for the detainees during the protests in Nicaragua and to demand changes that guarantee democracy in the country.

Business Chambers of Nicaragua affirm that the National Dialogue with the mediation of the CEN is still more important than ever and they consider it pertinent to include international actors as guarantors.

Groups of paramilitaries beat and kidnap journalist Roberto Collado Urbina in Granada, while covering a peaceful demonstration.

Self-convoked Indigenes march in Bilwi against government repression and the release of political prisoners.

After four hours kidnapped, journalist Roberto Collado Urbina, correspondent of Channel 10 in Granada, is freed.