Thousands of citizens participate in Managua in the “Pilgrimage for our Bishops, defenders of truth and justice”, in support of representatives of the Catholic Church.

Supporters of the ruling party march in Managua to commemorate the birth of Hugo Chávez. The demonstration was held at the same time as the activity in support of the Bishops.

Jack Lang, former Minister of Culture of France and other leaders of the international left repudiate the repression of the Ortega-Murillo regime against the people of Nicaragua.

The students who remained entrenched in the UNAN-Managua do not recognize the election of Ramona Rodríguez as president of the National Council of Universities (CNU).

The risk rating agency Fitch Ratings, warns about more unemployment, higher indebtedness and lower economic growth.

Land squatters invade two properties in the sector of Cofradía, Nindirí, and Masaya.

Public Ministry accuses of four crimes, including terrorism and organized crime, leader of the Movement April 19 of Masaya, Christian Fajardo and his wife María Adilia Peralta.

The authorities of the Santiago Regional Hospital, in Jinotepe, dismiss 40 doctors without justification.

The European channel, Euro news, announces an interview with President Daniel, Ortega the third one that he gives to international media in a week.

Representatives of UN Human Rights in Nicaragua indicate that they were not allowed access to the hearing against leaders of the April 19 Movement of Masaya.

Eight of the 34 member countries of the OAS propose to create a special commission to discuss the situation in Nicaragua or to cut IDB loans to the country.

Doctors and residents of Leon perform the “Mockery March” in repudiation of the arbitrary actions of the Ortega-Murillo regime.

Residents from Estelí, Matagalpa and Chinandega march in support of the Bishops and to demand justice for those killed in three months of protests.

Why the Sandinista revolution went to waste. Sergio Ramírez believes that the caudillo “has always triumphed over the institutions and continues to be like that, from Zelaya to Somoza, founder of a dynasty, and from Somoza to Ortega.”

Nicaraguan poet and novelist Gioconda Belli warns that Ortega seeks to stay in power by “blood and fire”.

Brazilian sympathizers of the sandinista revolution reveal disappointment with the political process in Nicaragua.

Nahomy Urbina, known as “Commandant Macha” not only fights against cancer, but also fights for a better Nicaragua, free of dictatorship and repression.