About the Alliance

Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy is made up of a group of diverse and heterogeneous organizations and citizens, including students, members of the business sector, peasant movement, human rights activists and citizens of autonomous regions.

The Civic Alliance gives voice to the demands of the thousands of Nicaraguans who demand justice and democracy, as participants in the National Dialogue convened by the Nicaraguan Conference of Catholic Bishops with the objective of reviewing Nicaragua’s political system from the ground up to achieve an authentic democracy. Although the Civic Alliance emerged in the context of the National Dialogue, it has a clear vision that this unity and diversity of actors committed to Nicaragua are necessary to forge the new country that we aspire to build.

The Alliance for Justice and Democracy is made up of the University Coalition and civil society; the American Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce (Amcham); the National Superior Council of Private Companies (Cosep)the Nicaraguan Foundation for Socioeconomic Development (Funides); the National Council in defense of Our land, lake and sovereignty, Pleasant movement; Federation of livestock association Managua (Faganic); representatives of the Caribbean Coast; Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua (Upanic) and other organizations from Civil Society.