National Police and paramilitary groups besiege and disperse a blue and white caravan that intended to leave Managua towards Granada. In the face of the police and paramilitary siege, the organizers decided to stay in Managua and visit several points of the capital.

Thousands of citizens in Costa Rica participate in the march “for solidarity and against xenophobia” in support of Nicaraguan migrants.

Residents of Granada protest despite the siege by supporters of the government party and police and paramilitaries groups.

Self-convoked residents of Chinandega march to demand the release of political prisoners.

National Police evicts more than 300 families who invaded the property of former mayor in Granada.

Paramilitary groups besiege protesters in the department of Estelí to prevent them from leaving.

The University Coordinator for Democracy and Justice denounces the arbitrary detention of 17 students and three documentary filmmakers in San Marcos, Carazo, while they were on their way to a march in the department of Carazo.

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy repudiates the siege and intimidation of the National Police to dismantle the blue and white caravan and demands the release of 21 young people illegally detained in Carazo.

The Central American University (UCA) demands the release of the young detainees in Carazo, several of whom are students of this Alma Mater and call for the cessation of all forms of repression and criminalization.

Unidentified individuals detain and then release Wiston Corea Font, municipal president of the Citizens for Freedom (CxL) party in Granada.

The journalist Álvaro Montalván, owner of radio Mi Voz de León, denounces threats and sieges “they were pointing at me with an AK-47 while destroying my radio”, he assures.

National Police releases university leaders and three film makers who were illegally detained in the department of Carazo.

Paramilitary groups shoot at demonstrators in León who demanded the release of eight leaders of the Student Movement on April 19 illegally detained.

The Nicaraguan Association of Cinematography (ANCI) ensures that the illegal detention of three documentary filmmakers and the expulsion from the country of one of them, the Brazilian Emilia Mello, creates a dangerous precedent for those who want to enter the country to document what is happening.

The Articulation of Social Movements and Organizations of Civil Society denounces the repression against journalists and managers of Channel 10 and tell the world press organizations to take action in this regard.

Relatives of Orlando Pérez Corrales, murdered by paramilitary groups in Estelí on April 20, flee the country after receiving death threats.

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