IACHR updates the number of deaths due to the protests in Nicaragua to 322 and insists on the need for the State of Nicaragua to provide official figures and detailed information on the detainees.

Cepal cuts from 5% to 0.5% GDP growth in Nicaragua as a result of the sociopolitical crisis.

The company MPeso, in charge of managing the payment of the electronic ticket on buses in Managua, announces the closure of operations in the country.

Anti-immigrant organizations in Costa Rica call for a march to demand from the government to take measures to stop the increase in Nicaraguan migrants.

A group of 14 US legislators sends a letter to President Donald Trump to sanction two sons of President Daniel Ortega, the president of the National Assembly, Gustavo Porras and the Minister of Health, Sonia Castro.

The dilemma of Spanish cooperation. Columnist Francisco Javier Sancho Más questions whether the Spanish Cooperation Agency should continue or not to support countries that violate human rights, including Nicaragua.

How Daniel Ortega became a tyrant. The writer Gioconda Belli maintains that the repression in Nicaragua since April 18 is “as if Anastasio Somoza, the former dictator of the country, overthrown in 1979, had returned to Managua.”

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