Paramilitary groups led by General Commissioner Ramón Avellán, deputy director of the National Police, attacked by shooting the blue and white caravan that was heading to the city of Masaya.

Armed land squatters assault Sandra Weiss in Chinandega, correspondent of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper of Switzerland.

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy supports the work of the IACHR in Nicaragua in response to the statements of the Government of Nicaragua that accuses them of being biased.

Project Health for León medical brigade cancels the two journeys of surgery scheduled for Nicaragua this year due to the crisis in the country.

Carlos Sánchez Berzaín, director of the Inter-American Institute for Democracy, opines that “the military commanders are committing falsehood, omission of duties and are helping the dictatorship to remain in power.”

Daguer Hernández, deputy director of Immigration and Foreigners of Costa Rica, assures that they have received more than 19 thousand requests for refuge from Nicaraguans.

The Costa Rican Welfare and Migration Collective asks citizens to stop the xenophobia unleashed against Nicaraguans who come in to the country in search of refuge.

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